Thrills and Spills Park, originally refered to simply as Adventure Park, is a map featured in Twisted Metal (2012). It is one of the largest maps, being the second largest in the game.

The map features a medievil Knights of the Round Table-themed ride, a haunted house-themed ride, a navigable Materhorn-themed steel rollercoaster track, an obstacle course entitled "Jungle Quest," a river rapids ride, water slide, ferris wheel and a series of other small rides.

There is a ferris wheel on the south end of the map which can be destroyed if damaged enough. If a player vehicle comes into contact with the ferris wheel, it will automatically destroy them.

Map Variations

  • House of Horrors- a large sized variation, this map contains the eastern portion of the map which contains the House of Horrors haunted house themed ride.
  • Thrills and Kills- a medium sized variation, Thrills and Kills features the center of the park which contains the water slide, the steel rollercoaster, the ferris wheel and a couple of other rides.
  • Merlin's Madness- a medium size variation, containing the Merlin's Castle ride, which comprises the western portion of the map.


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