Amanda Watts is a contestant appearing only in Twisted Metal 2. She is the driver of Twister, and the twin sister of Miranda Watts.

Twisted Metal 2

Amanda Watts has a deadly obsession with high-speed vehicles. Bored with everyday cars, she is always searching for a faster ride. If she wins Twisted Metal, she'll ask Calypso to send her racing past the speed of light. But what will she discover when she gets there?

"They say there's a place you can only get to by driving a certain speed. It's a place where time and space explode into another world. That's my goal. I want to find that place. When I win Twisted Metal, Calypso's giving me the road map."


Twisted Metal 2 - Twister's Ending01:42

Twisted Metal 2 - Twister's Ending

Twister Ending (JPN) - Twisted Metal EX01:38

Twister Ending (JPN) - Twisted Metal EX


  • It is implied that Amanda was the winner of the Twisted Metal 2 contest, as her twin sister Miranda later participated in Twisted Metal: Head-On to learn what had happened to her. Calypso grants Miranda's wish to have her sister return to her, returning her as a zombie from deep beneath the Earth, where she wound up in her TM2 ending. This seemingly conflicts with the possibility Jamie Roberts, driver of Outlaw won the Twisted Metal 2 contest in order to rescue her brother; both of which returned for the two different continuations of TM2.
  • Amanda's fossilized helmet appears in Calypso's possession in Twisted Metal (2012) , implying that the same events in her Twisted Metal 2 ending happened in this continuity.

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