For other uses of "Amazonia," see Amazonia.

Amazonia: Fire Walk is the fourth level in Twisted Metal 2 (Amizonia: Fire Walk In Twisted Metal 2 Beta).

Twisted Metal 2

Long forgotten by the modern world, the Colombian ruins of the FIRE WALK are a true challenge for the belligerent motorist. Can you avoid the molten lava while causing the demise of 6 opponents? Not to mention the vengeance of Minion!

Music track:

Twisted Metal 2 Soundtrack - Amazonia02:50

Twisted Metal 2 Soundtrack - Amazonia


In tournament mode, after defeating the 6 opponents at this level, the player then faces the sub-boss Minion, before moving on to New York. When playing on Easy, the game will end after defeating Minion.

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