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"...Find your way to the top of the ring, and the gods will grant you everything!"

Amazonia 3000 B.C. is the fifth level in Twisted Metal 4. The level takes place in Amazonia, but unlike the version in Twisted Metal 2, there is no lava present and instead seems to take place during the winter, as snow and ice caves have formed. This level has 6 opponents and the boss is Super Axel

Music track:

Tim Sköld - Chaos04:17

Tim Sköld - Chaos

Tactics & strategies

  • Near the bounce pad in the large snowy pit, there is a breakable wall (Strangely, there are no cracks or holes to hint that it can be destroyed). Shoot it to reveal a secret room with green acid in the middle. That room yields a lot of weapon pickups and a Full Health pickup floating above the acid.
  • An easier way to defeat Super Axel: Grab a Proximity Mine pickup and jump on the ledges that lead to the portal. After teleporting, plant 3 Proximity Mines and quickly drive away from them. Wait until Super Axel uses that same portal (NOTE: This can take a while). It will be engulfed in the violent explosion created by the Proximity Mines and will fly off of the stage map and "fall to it's death."
  • If you want to fight fair and square, remember to stay away from it. Its SuperNova shockwave attack will set you on fire and even knock you back a great distance if it connects. Super Axel also spams Freeze Missiles and other weapons and is an overall aggressive fighter.


  • Amazonia 3000 B.C. is the only level in the game to feature two Full Health pickups.
  • Interestingly, The "B.C." in Amazonia 3000 B.C.'s name has periods in it, while the "RC" in RC Car's name does not.

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