"I've been paid by the people of L.A. to take you out, Calypso!"
—Amanda X, Twisted Metal (1995)

Agent Amanda X, competing under the alias of Angela Fortin is a character that only appears in Twisted Metal (1995). The same goes for her vehicle, Pit Viper. The actress who portrayed Angela Fortin in the Lost Endings is unknown.

Twisted Metal (1995)


A woman leading a double life. She is competing for 1 million dollars in cash. Ending:

Twisted Metal - Pit Viper's Ending01:37

Twisted Metal - Pit Viper's Ending

Twisted Metal - The Lost Endings Pit Viper's Ending01:15

Twisted Metal - The Lost Endings Pit Viper's Ending


  • Angela Fortin is referenced in Twisted Metal (2012). On the map Sunsprings, California there are school buses that roam the level that have Fortin School District written on the side.
  • It is hinted that she died in TM(1995), as she has not appeared in any subsequent Twisted Metal games.

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