Apocalypse 9
"You puny weakling! I'm surprised you made it this far! Your kind usually buys it at the starting line. We are Apocalypse 9, and it will be our pleasure to blast you to bits and to begin to rid the world of your rotten species! See you on the rooftops! (Laughs)"
—Apocalypse 9 Leader

Apocalypse 9 was a gang, who were cut from Twisted Metal (1995).

Twisted Metal (1995)

Apocalypse 9 was a gang that stole the XJ-39 Mind Tank "Minion" from the government to compete in the contest. It is unknown what they would have wished for.


Only two clips of Apocalypse 9 exist. One seems to be an intro with them introducing themselves and the other one could have possibly been an ending. It is possible that they would have wished for recognition and to be feared. Going by this assumption, the ending would make sense as they wish to be feared then celebrate by going on a victory rampage.


  • John Doe's gang in Twisted Metal: Black may have been Apocalypse 9 as they were also a doomsday cult who wanted to be recognized and important. Note that the leader of the gang in TM(1995) is also bald.

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