Arena Duel is the first level of Twisted Metal (1995).

Twisted Metal (1995)

It's 3 in the morning and the city is wide awake! Welcome to Calypso's Nightclub, an underground arena where you and a single enemy face off for the right to compete in the contest!

Music tracks:

Twisted Metal 1 Theme-002:56

Twisted Metal 1 Theme-0

Twisted Metal- Circus Metallicus03:21

Twisted Metal- Circus Metallicus


  • One can see Calypso behind a glass window, watching over the battle, surrounded by women.
  • Some of the posters in the arena advertise for High Octane, the original name for Twisted Metal.
  • This level can be played with 5 other contestants. It is accessed through a cheat code.
  • This level is the only non-boss level in the entire series, where in Story Mode, you face off against only one opponent.

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