Big Blue Stadium

Big Blue Stadium is an arena in Twisted Metal: Head-On. It is the first stage in story mode.

Twisted Metal: Head-On

This arena was a Baseball Stadium. It includes two dugouts that connect, a concert stage, bleachers and a small building where a full health can be found (Story Mode Only).

Music tracks:

Disaster Proof04:10

Disaster Proof

Twisted Metal Head On OST - Big Blue Stadium04:02

Twisted Metal Head On OST - Big Blue Stadium

Twisted Metal Head On OST - Big Blue Revisited03:28

Twisted Metal Head On OST - Big Blue Revisited


  • If you watch the entire first cutscene you will hear a different song play. The song is "Disaster Proof" by Level.
  • This is the only arena in story mode where you do not unlock anything when you beat the minigame.

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