"I designed this arena to bring about the greatest loss of life in the shortest amount of time. It's like a sluaghterhouse, but for people. I'm actually quite proud of it."

Black Rock Stadium is a playable map featured in Twisted Metal (2012). It is a large arena designed and owned by Calypso. The map is closely based on Arena Duel from Twisted Metal and Moscow aka "Suicide Slide" from Twisted Metal 2.

The map features many obstacles and traps including: an overhead track, a lava pit on each end of the stadium, spiked wrecking balls, forced-lightning pads, a trap room with a spiked covered ceiling and walls that retract up and down, which constantly changes the layout of the ground floor.

The stadium also features pressure pads at the top of the bowl. Stay on the pressure pad long enough and forced lightning will eject audience members from the stands that can be ran over for pickups. The pedestrians with the orange question mark (?) on their vests will award you with a random pick up while the ones with the blue cross will award you with health. In addition, a floating health orb will also be present on the map. Staying under the beam will slowly regenerate your health. The orb is also destructable, which could make for a useful tactic in multiplayer games.

In Story Mode, two versions of this level are featured. The first version lacked the lava pools, health orb, and the overhead tracks. The later version, known as 2.0 from Calypso, is the main version used in Multiplayer mode.

The announcer in the arena is a source of amusement as well as a potential ally. Sometimes he will say useful things, such as warning about the layout changing. Other times he will spout complete nonsense, such as a contest where audience members try to guess how much blood a driver will lose. If there is a great deal of chaos occurring in the arena, sometimes the announcer will say:

"Walls up, walls down - this makes about as much sense as Twisted Metal 3!"

This is a reference to the fact that Twisted Metal III is not particularly well-liked among the TM community as well as the fact that it's story makes little to no sense whatsoever.

Map Variations

  • Killosseum- A medium sized variation of the main map, with the lava pits locked off.


  • In the greenlight video for Twisted Metal the lights in the stadium were supposed to go out at random forcing the players to use their headlights to see. This feature was cut from the final game
  • In the greenlight video for twisted metal there were originally faction statues that players could control and use to shoot fire into the arena to try and kill the other players. This feature was cut from the final game
  • BlackRock Stadium appears as a stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale where it is invaded by the Krimzon Guard from Jak and Daxter.




twisted metal greenlight video

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