Buster Cobb is the driver of Auger in Twisted Metal III. He has yet to appear in any other Twisted Metal game.

Twisted Metal III


Buster Cobb is an enraged construction worker and dental school dropout who has graciously volunteered to do some roadwork for the Twisted Metal Tournament. Buster enjoys tearing up the pavement with his "auger" vehicle and brushing his teeth with machine grease. Buster's crane-cab has a giant drill mounted on the front that ever-so-gently impales his victims then tosses them into the air like pancakes.

"I've spent my whole life building what those Twisted Metal jerkies destroy in 20 minutes. They've torn up my smooth roads and left my buildings in rubble. I'll happily drill six foot graves for all my opponents!"

Info and Ending:

Twisted Metal III - Auger's Info00:20

Twisted Metal III - Auger's Info

Twisted Metal III - Auger's Ending00:41

Twisted Metal III - Auger's Ending


  • Buster's wish does not yield the fact that he, according to his character info, wants to exact revenge against the Twisted Metal competitors for destroying all of his hard construction work. This, perhaps, is because he had already gotten his revenge when he partook in the Twisted Metal tournament and defeated them all, and therefore he made an arbitrary wish upon meeting Calypso.

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