Calypso's Sister

Calypso's Sister

Calypso's Sister was the younger sister of Calypso and posthumously, the aunt of Krista Sparks.  She is indirectly the reason Calypso created the Twisted Metal tournament.

Twisted Metal 2: The Comic

When Calypso was 12, he had a fascination with road kill and he had collected many. One day, he saw a copperhead and decided to run it over with his parent's car in which they foolishly left the key in the ignition. However, Calypso didn't realize that his sister was leaning against the car and ran over his sister's head.

Calypso's parents told him to clean up the blood. When he picked up his sister's doll he stared at it until he came to the conclusion that the doll was his sister. Because of the guilt that was eating Calypso, for the rest of his life he wanted to kill himself, he attempted many times.

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