"They used to call me old iron guts. now they just call me old."
—Captain Rogers, Twisted Metal 2

Captain Rogers is the driver of Warthog in Twisted Metal 2 and III. In both games he is an old deteriorated war veteran, who wants to win the contest to regain his youth.

Twisted Metal 2


A highly decorated army captain who wants a second chance at life. If he wins the contest, he's asking Calypso for his youth back. What he gets instead will terrify even the bravest soldier.

"They used to call me Old Iron Guts. Now they just call me old. Well, I may be old, 105 to be exact. But I can still show these punks a thing or two about combat. When I win this contest, I'll fulfill the one mission that has eluded man since the dawn of time."


Twisted Metal 2 - Warthog's Ending00:42

Twisted Metal 2 - Warthog's Ending

Warthog Ending (JPN) - Twisted Metal EX00:40

Warthog Ending (JPN) - Twisted Metal EX

Twisted Metal III


Captain Rogers is a highly decorated war hero who looked much better in his youth. When he lost a deal with the devil, he was cursed with the shriveled face of a ghoul. Even though he saves money on Halloween, Rogers wants to regain his boy-ish good looks and lose his "Mangled" nickname. He drives a heavily armored vehicle.

"I'm a warrior. I'm a survivor. I've fought on battlefields all over the world. I've fought to make the world a better place. This time I'm fighting for myself. I may be 107, but I'm strong enough to survive one more time."

Info and Ending:

Twisted Metal III - Warthog's Info00:21

Twisted Metal III - Warthog's Info

Twisted Metal III - Warthog's Ending00:43

Twisted Metal III - Warthog's Ending


  • In Twisted Metal 2's instruction manual, Captain Rogers is incorrectly identified as Captain Roberts who is the Driver of Outlaw.
  • The name Captain Rogers may be a reference to Captain America who is named Steve Rogers.
  • If in Twisted Metal III the Captain Rogers is the same character from Twisted Metal 2, this poses a conflict in when Twisted Metal III takes place. As it states Captain Rogers has aged two more years between 2 and III, this conflicts with how Jamie Roberts, one of the two drivers of Outlaw, has aged five years between 2 and III.
  • He is the oldest known competitor in the series. With Charlie Kane's son being the youngest at 8 years old. A difference of 99 years.
  • Should TMIII be canon to the rest of the Twisted Metal series, Captain Rogers would most likely be the canon winner of the second Twisted Metal tournament due to wishing for a 20-year-old head to “match the body that he won in TM2.” TMIII, however, has long been shifted out of canon by Twisted Metal: Head-On, which instead implies TM2 was won by either Amanda Watts or Jamie Roberts.

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