"No more dead bodies. No more unsafe streets, no more war. Your promise was and has been since the beginning of this unholy competition that the winner gets whatever he asks for. Whatever, Calypso!"
—Carl Roberts, Twisted Metal (1995)

Sergeant Carl Roberts (Or Buzz Roberts in TM2 and TMIII) is a recurring character in the Twisted Metal series. He first appears as a driver in Twisted Metal (1995), continuing with Twisted Metal III, Twisted Metal: Small Brawl, and Twisted Metal: Head-On. He is the driver of Outlaw alongside his sister Jamie Roberts after his brief appearance in Twisted Metal 2.

Twisted Metal (1995)


A good cop in a world gone mad. He has entered the contest in hopes of forcing Calypso to put an end to Twisted Metal once and for all...


Twisted Metal - Outlaw's Ending01:51

Twisted Metal - Outlaw's Ending

Twisted Metal - The Lost Endings Outlaw's Ending02:02

Twisted Metal - The Lost Endings Outlaw's Ending

Twisted Metal 2

Buzz is briefly seen in Jamie's ending. Calypso trapped him in outer space after he had won the previous Twisted Metal contest. He and his sister reunite and manage to return to Earth.

Voice actor: Christopher Nissley

Twisted Metal III


Buzz and Jamie are frustrated Los Angeles police officers who have been trying to stop the Twisted Metal contest for several years. They plan to end the tournament, cuff its drivers and eradicate crime everywhere, right after they pick up three dozen donuts at the local quickie mart. This dynamic duo packs some serious heat.

Jamie: "We're two good cops in a world gone bad. My brother and I'll put a stop to Calypso once and for all!"
Buzz: "Winning the Twisted Metal contest will prove to the world that there is honor behind the badge, and good triumphs over evil!"

Info and Ending:

Twisted Metal III - Outlaw's Info00:21

Twisted Metal III - Outlaw's Info

Twisted Metal III - Outlaw's Ending00:39

Twisted Metal III - Outlaw's Ending

Twisted Metal: Small Brawl


Little Officer Roberts enters the contest in search of justice for the neighborhood! He is out to put a stop to the bully Calypso once and for all.


Twisted Metal Small Brawl - Outlaw's Ending00:30

Twisted Metal Small Brawl - Outlaw's Ending

Twisted Metal: Head-On

Carl and his sister Jamie were once decorated and respected police officers. He had competed in and won a previous Twisted Metal. Upon making his wish, Calypso tricked and imprisoned him. His sister had entered and won a subsequent Twisted Metal and was able to rescue him. Now, they're competing together with the goal of bringing down Calypso and Twisted Metal once and for all. Jamie hopes to merely bring the contest to an end. She doesn't know that her brother plans to kill Calypso if he gets the chance. In this game, Carl is voiced by Quinton Flynn.


Twisted Metal Head-On - Outlaw's Ending01:53

Twisted Metal Head-On - Outlaw's Ending


  • It is strongly implied that Carl was the canon winner of the first Twisted Metal contest as it was mentioned in both TM2 and TM:H-O that he had won and was trapped by Calypso, a direct reference to his TM(1995) ending.
  • It is unknown how Carl was able to survive in outer space in nothing but his car for an entire year without oxygen, food or protection from the vacuum. It's possible that Calypso used his powers to keep him alive as means of tormenting him.

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