Standard in all Twisted Metal games. This mode is a single battle, as opposed to a set progression of levels. You choose your battleground, then you, and your opponent choose your car/character. After selecting your vehicle in a 1 player game, sometimes you can select a number of computer controlled bot cars, depending on the level capacity. Some games, they're selected randomly. In Twisted Metal (1995) and 2, 2 players could only fight in a 1 on 1 deathmatch. Each time a player was killed, a replay/quit prompt would appear. If you chose to replay, you were respawned at a random location in the level. Since Twisted Metal III, AI bots can be used in 2 player games.

Enemy Limitations

Twisted Metal 2: Minion and Sweet Tooth cannot be selected as AI opponents, although the player can still play as either character; however, both characters can be selected as opponents in TMIII. In addition, Only Sweet Tooth can be spawned as a random AI opponent(TM2 and TM III) while Minion can only be manually selected by the player(TMIII only).

Twisted Metal 4: Boss Vehicles cannot be randomly spawned in Challenge/Deathmatch mode as AI opponents; it is only possible to battle them as AI opponents if the player enables the CPU cars chosen by player option.

Twisted Metal: BlackMinion cannot be selected as an enemy unless you have unlocked the vehicle and you are fighting in it's stadium.

Twisted Metal: Head-On: You can select Cousin Eddy and Dark Tooth as enemies, however, you can only face one of them per challenge. You cannot face both simultaneously.

Twisted Metal (2012): When playing challenge mode, your opponents are randomized. However, your opponents will never be TalonJuggernaut or any other vehicle you have selected.

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