"Alright! Yes! A rave that lasts all night! Where's the mosh pit?"
—Club Kid, Twisted Metal III

Club Kid is a vehicle and contestant who appears only in Twisted Metal III.

Twisted Metal III


Club Kid is the ultimate raver who spends his nights partying and his mornings washing down cocktail weenie breakfasts with warm powdered milk. He usually wears the same clothes for weeks because when you're rushing from club to club, who really has the time to change? Club Kid drives a tiny, nimble micro car emblazoned with a misleading yellow happy faces on its hood. His vehicle sports a nifty weapon called the Vortex, a psychedelic whirlwind that sucks cars in and spits them out after it reaches terminal velocity. Club Kid thinks it's way cool Rob Zombie kicked in some tracks for Twisted Metal III.

"I'm crashing Calypso's twisted party with my mighty disco ball and my smilin' stylin' micro car. No one at this shindig stands a chance once I cruise my way into that fly blimp. There'd better be some egg nog at my winner's bash! See you at the Mosh Pit!"



Vehicle: Austin Mini / Club Kid

Vehicle Type: Micro Car

Handling: Tight

Armor: 2/5

Special Weapon: 3/5

  • Vortex: A psychedelic whirlwind that sucks cars in and spins them out after it reaches terminal velocity.

Speed: 2/5

Info and Ending:

Twisted Metal III - Club Kid's Info00:26

Twisted Metal III - Club Kid's Info

Twisted Metal III - Club Kid's Ending00:45

Twisted Metal III - Club Kid's Ending


  • Club Kid has his very own secret level in TMIII.
  • Club Kid shares the exact same vehicle stats(Armor, Special Weapon power, and handling) with Firestarter and Flower Power.
  • Club Kid is one of the two drivers in TMIII that do not scream in their endings; the other is Mr. Grimm.
  • Club Kid is believed to have replaced Twister in TMIII as they both have tornado-themed special weapons.

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