"Here goes nothin'!"
—Conner Nazang, Twisted Metal 4

Conner Nazang is a contestant who makes his first and so far only appearance in Twisted Metal 4. He has yet to appear in other Twisted Metal games. He is the driver of Pizza Boy.

Twisted Metal 4

4 Pizza Boy 2


Conner Nazang is the richest pizza delivery boy in the U.S because he extorts huge tips. When dropping off an order, he parks on the lawn with his hood-mounted heavy machine guns pointed at the front door. After terrorizing every other pizza delivery operation in the city, Conner is the undisputed pepperoni and mushroom kingpin. Want anchovies? That's an extra 50 bucks! Conner was arrested for shooting up a bad tipper's birdbath in 1998. But the judge turned out to be a customer and let him off easy with 1000 hours of community service delivering pizza to Twisted Metal events. His special weapon is a duo of pizza cutters.

"I just wanna have the fastest, most tricked-out ride in the universe, and I'm in it to win it. Pizza place spin it, step up and frown while I hardy-har grin it!"

Voice actor: Ryan Drummond

Info and Ending:

Twisted Metal 4 - Pizza Boy's Info00:15

Twisted Metal 4 - Pizza Boy's Info

Twisted Metal 4 - Pizza Boy's Ending00:51

Twisted Metal 4 - Pizza Boy's Ending


  • The scene in Conner's ending where he launches into outer space is a possible reference to Outlaw's ending in Twisted Metal (1995).
  • The car that Pizza Boy races against looks identical to Drag Queen.


Twisted Metal 4

  • "Yo, what up, ST?! Check it, drop a playa' in a bucket. A tricked-out hoop ride all chromey, homey, wit' my name on my props! Aw, yeah, this gon' be quick! So quick I bounce without my shadow an' all that."
  • "Here goes nothin'!"
  • "Aw, man!"

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