"Rise above the pain, master the crane!"

The Construction Yard is the first level in Twisted Metal 4. It features 4 cross-sectional areas on different corners of the center of the level, where a controllable crane is placed. Crusher is the boss of this level. There are also conveyer belts which drag cars toward flamethrowers. You fight 3 regular enemies here.

Music track:

Rob Zombie - Dragula Hot Rod Herman Remix04:39

Rob Zombie - Dragula Hot Rod Herman Remix

Tactics & strategies

  • Use the crane to pick up the enemy vehicles and drop them into one of the two flamethrowers. This causes good damage. An extremely powerful technique is to drop them into the flamethrowers and pick them up again when they touch the "roof" above the flamethrowers. This induces damage for some reason, but it's a great strategy to destroy your opponents.
    • Be careful, though; After you defeat all of your enemies, the crane explodes.
  • There are tons of Health pickups in this map, including a Full Health. They are located in each corner of the level.
    • The Full Health is located near the conveyor that goes over the ground. Go through the corner where small buildings are located and go up the first house. You will see a teleporter, use your turbo and enter the teleport. You will teleported in front of the conveyor belt. Drive there and pick up the Full Health.


  • The Construction Yard is the only level in the game that has no Proximity Mine nor Lightning pickups.

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