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"Look bud, I've killed them all!"
—Cousin Eddy, Twisted Metal: Head-On

Cousin Eddy appears in Twisted Metal: Head-On. He serves as a mid-level boss, but is unlocked when the player beats him. His vehicle is a built-from-scratch RV.

Twisted Metal: Head-OnEdit

Cousin Eddy enters the tournament as an uninvited guest, having seen the destruction and "shiny things" that were so prevalent in the contest. He is fought as a mid-boss after completing either France or Egypt, battled in Los Angeles; defeating him unlocks him for gameplay. Cousin Eddy is equipped with a missile gun instead of a regular default machine gun, similar to Warhawk from Twisted Metal: Black.

Character BioEdit

Car: RV/ Cousin Eddy '1972 Ford Condor II'

Driver: Cousin Eddy

Age: 29

Height: 183 cm (6 ft.)

Weight: 136 kg (299.829 lbs)

Tales from the Tape:

Special weapon 1: The RV gets a dramatic speed boost and rams into any enemy in its path. Similar to Darkside.

Special weapon 2: A jet of flame homes in on vehicles that are nearby. It is similar to Thumper's special weapon.

Boss FightEdit

Cousin Eddy and The Boys

Initially, Cousin Eddy deploys four ATVs to attack the player, erecting an impenetrable force field around his own vehicle. After the ATVs are destroyed, the force field is deactivated, and Eddy attacks with the help of his "boys"; a group of hillbillies armed with shotguns and a flamethrower. In order to complete this phase of the fight, the player must kill all six hillbillies; two on each of the RV's sides, one on the back, and one manning the top-mounted flamethrower. Each hillbilly's health can be determined by the glowing window behind or below them; as they take damage, the light goes from green to yellow to red before disappearing when the respective goon dies.

After all six of his flunkies are defeated, Cousin Eddy can be damaged and destroyed like a regular vehicle. His attacks are limited to his rockets (replacing a normal vehicle's machine guns) and ramming the player; although both are fairly powerful, keeping at a distance will greatly hamper their effectiveness.


Calypso is puzzled at who this contestant is and asks "what do you think you're doing?" Eddy simply states that he has "killed 'em all", prompting Calypso to ask who he is. Eddy introduces himself, and Calypso asks why he interrupted his contest. Eddy explains that he had seen his "demolition derby" and that he made his RV to take place in it. After realizing that Eddy is actually being serious, Calypso explains that Twisted Metal is a contest that requires an invite to participate, and that Eddy was never invited. Eddy is surprised that Twisted Metal is a contest and asks what he gets for a prize, but Calypso reminds him that he was not invited, had ruined the contest, and states that Eddy does not get any prize before Eddy chokes him with a single arm, suspending him in the air. Eddy demands to know what he gets for a prize. He lets go of Calypso, who had given up at this point, and Calypso explains that Eddy can get any prize that he desires. Eddy points to his RV and tells Calypso that he wants "a better one". Calypso grants the wish with obvious reluctance and the RV is fully repaired and with new metal plating. Eddy is pleased to see that his new RV is shiny.

Twisted Metal Head-On - Cousin Eddy's Ending(01:45)


  • Cousin Eddy may be a replacement to Minion in Head-On. This was likely done because Outlaw would have had to kill Minion to win Twisted Metal 2's tournament (recall that Head-On is the proper sequel to Twisted Metal 2.)
  • On Cousin Eddy's profile, his car is called RV, though when the player views his ending or vehicle, it displays his name instead.
  • Cousin Eddy is named after the character from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
  • He is another built-from-scratch vehicle after Roadkill and Piecemeal.
  • In story mode, his "buddy's shotgun" attacks can go through some surfaces like, for example, the highway, so it's useless to glitch him. (this is when he has his shield on, with at least one of his side buddies in the windows).
  • Instead of regular machine guns like the other vehicles, Cousin Eddy has a missile gun that shoots smoking missiles instead of bullets.
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