"This is gonna be one big-ass barbecue with no one left to kiss the COOK."
—Damien Coles, Twisted Metal III

Damien Coles is the driver of Firestarter. He makes his first and only appearance in Twisted Metal III.

Twisted Metal III

Damien is a total FREAK. In fact, he gives pyromaniacs everywhere a bad name. As a child, he torched his four-story house, the local middle school and the county fire station. This untreated deviant has also mastered the fine art of spontaneous combustion (Rumor has it he has lighter fluid coursing through his veins).
“Ready, aim, FIRE! This is gonna be one big-ass barbecue with no one left to kiss the COOK. I’ll torch Calypso’s blimp and send it flaming into the ground like a 4th of July firecracker! *Titters*”

Info and Ending:

Twisted Metal III - Firestarter's Info00:24

Twisted Metal III - Firestarter's Info

Twisted Metal III - Firestarter's Ending00:41

Twisted Metal III - Firestarter's Ending


  • Damien and his vehicle is most likely a reference to Keith Flint from the musical band known as The Prodigy, as well as The Prodigy's song titled "Firestarter". Damien's profile image also looks similar to one of The Prodigy's posters.
  • "Coles" is a play on the word "coals."
  • Damien's wish may have changed due to him realizing that if the blimp is torched to the ground, he may not get his wish.

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