Diesel City is a level in Twisted Metal (2012). A city with rolling hills, grey skies, and junkyards, it is a rather business oriented city located south of Los Angeles. This stage is one of the favorites of David Jaffe's, and is featured prominently during Story Mode.

Diesel City features a high rising city scape, with buildings that are gutted out. This allows you to gain an advantage by staying atop the buildings. The junkyards in this level contain several weapons that can easily turn the tide of any battle. A highway is included in this level, but is rather small compared to highways on other levels. This level is one the few to feature a full Sky-to-Ground Combat system; you are able to stay atop nearly every building, and have a clear shot at targets on the ground.

There are a few destructible structures that can give you an advantage: the two large radio towers can both be destroyed, and when both of them are leveled, they form a convenient bridge from the downtown core to the freeway. The easiest way to destroy these towers is to get some Mega Gun bullets and shoot the fuel tanks next to each tower. Alternatively, grab a Remote Bomb and attach it directly to the tower. This is more efficient; however, it can be difficult to preserve the Remote Bomb long enough to destroy the towers.

Map Variations

  • Skid Row- a small variation, containing 6 innercity blocks with neglected and abandoned buildings to enter.
  • Slumville- a medium variation, this map contains a large northern portion of the map, featuring the KU7X parking complex, the rundown downtown district, and a substantial portion of highway.
  • Dead City- a large variation, featuring the two central hills, skidrow, and the junkyard
  • Ghetto Blaster- a medium variation, featuring skid row and the junkyard