Downtown: Downtown Business District once a teeming metropolis, the downtown area is void of excitement. Pedestrians scurry past on their way to work at the few remaining offices. An abandoned chemical factory sits at the edge of the downtown area, and the nearby aqueduct is polluted and nearly dry...perhaps there is a connection?

The aqueduct is a good source for pickups. The bridges each have health pickups, but they can also be taken prepared for some high-speed jumps to obtain them!

There are walkways connecting two of the buildings where you start (Skyway Towers). Blowing a hole in the outer wall will gain access inside...from there, you'll be able to ride one of the elevators in either building to a second-story level. (Eventually, enemies will follow you up here.)

While up there, you can see the R&D chemical plant in the distance. Target the spheres on the left with a power missile, gas can or special. One of these spheres will take out the Atom Bank bldg, where you will find three health pickups. The other sphere on the far left will take out the other bldg, leaving six power missles behind.

There is an icon for a locked-level on the tower nearest the Atom Bank bldg. The side of that bldg furthest from the aqueduct will have a lower ledge you can drop down to, if you are careful...from there, destroy the coffee cup billboard and drive off the edge to collect the locked-level icon.

Minion's Stadium is now open in all game modes.

The two repair stations are located at the three o'clock and nine o'clock positions, if you consider the aqueduct running from twelve to six o'clock.

There is only one enviornmental pickup in this level, and it's in the vicinity where you just opened Minion's Stadium. When activated, it triggers an attack from a helicopter patrolling the aqueduct. This is much like the bomber enviornmental at the Junkyard.

This level is very reminiscent of River Park Rumble, from the first game, but without the skating rink, and Christmas theme.

Music tracks:

Twisted Metal Black Downtown03:57

Twisted Metal Black Downtown

Twisted Metal Black Get Ready OST02:31

Twisted Metal Black Get Ready OST

Twisted Metal Black Downtown Final Enemy Music05:12

Twisted Metal Black Downtown Final Enemy Music

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