Dr. Hatch is a character appearing in Twisted Metal: Black, who serves as a major plot-point in the backstory of No-Face, the driver of Crazy 8. Dr. Hatch was once a fan of No-Face back when he was a boxer, and bet $20,000 on him to win. However, No-Face lost the match, and became horribly injured as a result. He was sent to Dr. Hatch for facial repair surgery, but in an act of anger over his lost bet, Hatch cut out his eyes and tongue and sewed his mouth and eyelids shut, resulting in what is now No-Face. No-Face enters the Twisted Metal tournament in hopes of being able to confront Hatch, and get revenge for what he did to him. In No-Face's Ending, he gets his wish, with Hatch tied helplessly to a punching bag and No-Face given a boxing glove with knives, needles, and other razor-sharp objects wired to it. No-Face then proceeded to strike Hatch with the glove, claiming that "it was the first time he had knocked someone out with one punch."

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