"That's right, Axel. Keep your promise and claim your prize."
—Dr. Zemu, Twisted Metal: Head-On

Dr. Zemu is the man who created the cybernetic limbs of Axel's disfigured body parts. After Axel broke free of his wheels in Twisted Metal 2, Dr. Zemu created robotic hands and feet to take the place where Axel's limbs once were. Zemu only appears in Twisted Metal: Head-On, pressuring Axel and keeping him from stating his wish for winning the competition. He pulls out a remote and controls the cybernetic limbs to enter back into the wheels and electrocute him. It caused Axel to end the word "peace" with a scream, confusing Calypso into thinking that he wanted pizza. Adding a scream at the word "peace" sounds like the word "pizza". Zemu succeeds at preventing Axel from wishing for the Twisted Metal contest to be stopped.

Dr. Zemu is voiced by David Boat.


  • Zemu's name sounds similar to a villain from MARVEL comics, who is known as Baron Zemo (also known as Dr. Zemo). Zemo is the one who is responsible for the death of Bucky Barnes, and so Captain America avenged him of his death. We may never know if Zemo is an inspiration that helped create the character of Dr. Zemu.


  • "And what was your promise, Axel?"
  • "I think... (takes out his remote) you've mispoken!"
  • "Don't do it!"
  • "Final warning!"
  • "Well, perhaps I should consider releasing you... next year's Twisted Metal."
  • "You want a slice?"

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