Endurance Mode is a single-player gameplay mode which first appeared in Twisted Metal: Black and has reappeared in several other Twisted Metal games. The object of this mode is to survive fighting against an everlasting string of enemies, while killing as many opposing vehicles as possible. Players face off against an endless amount of vehicles of increasing difficulty, one by one, until the player vehicle is destroyed. High scores are available in this mode.

In Twisted Metal (2012), the Max Cars Endurace mode was introduced, which is in essence the same as the standard endurance mode. However, instead of fighting one car at a time, there is always a maximum amount of 10 cars inside the area at any given time.


  • In Twisted Metal: Black, Endurance mode must be played in order to unlock some challenge/multiplayer arenas, such as Snowy Roads and Prison Passage.
  • In Twisted Metal: Head-On, the player is able to save their progress (of cars killed, not actual progress) after each kill.
  • Cheat codes can be used in Endurance mode in all games (excluding Small Brawl and (2012), as there are no codes in these games).

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