First called Advanced Attacks in Twisted Metal 2, these are pushbutton commands entered during gameplay, that require varying ammounts of energy from a regenerating meter.

Advanced Attacks

Introduced in Twisted Metal 2, some of these are modified pick-ups]] from Twisted Metal (1995); The Freeze Missile, Drop Mines, Rear Fire, and Jump (Catapult). New attacks are Napalm, Invisibility, Shield and Fire Minion's Special Weapon (3 Homing Missiles + Freeze).

Rear Freeze Missile/Napalm only works when your weapon inventory is empty, otherwise you'd fire the selected weapon backwards. Twisted Metal 4's button inputs fixes this.

Energy Attacks

Twisted Metal III removed all but the Freeze, Jump, Rear Fire, and Invisibility. Twisted Metal 4 introduced a handy Teleport command, and Massive Attack/Rear Massive Attack, which fire a barrage of missiles.

In Twisted Metal: Black onwards, the Jump energy attack is simply pushing L1+R1 simultaneously.

In Twisted Metal (2012), the command inputs have been simplified even further. Jump command is L1 + R1. D-Pad controls the energy attacks now:

Drop Mine is ←, Freeze is ↑, Shield is →, and Rear Fire is ↓.

Upgraded Mine is ← + Δ, Rear Freeze is ↑ + Δ, Upgraded Shield is → + Δ.

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