Freeway: Midtown Expressway 104 is a level in Twisted Metal: Black which consists of Midtown's hospital and a construction yard in which Axel's icon is hidden. It is a massive-sized arena, and you take on 7 enemies there. Lots of civilian cars are driving on the road, sometimes blocking your shots (a good example would be Yellow Jacket, who can waste a special attack by ramming a civilian with his spikes).

Music track:

TMB - Freeway08:12

TMB - Freeway

Twisted Metal Black Freeway Final Enemy Music04:21

Twisted Metal Black Freeway Final Enemy Music

Twisted Metal Black Freeway Ambient Music06:11

Twisted Metal Black Freeway Ambient Music


Running around the arena is a train which, if hit with an explosive attack just right, can destroy the bridge, should it pass over it. Another point of interest is the go-kart track (which contains a repair station). Here, you can see what the area looks like before Minion attacks the stadium. There is a also a construction yard, where a crane is the key to unlocking Axel, and a huge hospital accessible from a ramp. Its interior is almost all-open space.


  • Unlocking Axel: one of the two cranes next to the construction zone can be shot with a gas can. Use a hogback to line your shot and fire a gas can at this crane. It will steer and drop a crate, which contains Axel's icon (which is, by the way, the only vehicle icon that can be touched). Shoot the crate to unlock the character.

How to unlock

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