General Warthog is a contestant who made his first and so far only appearance in Twisted Metal 4. He has yet to appear in any other Twisted Metal games. 

Twisted Metal 4



Name: General Warthog

Demeanor: Twisted

  • "I commanded an army once. It was a great army. Now computers are in command of all the circuitry and firepower. Ha! Well, I'm from the old days, where wars were fought, not calculated! I'll have an army yet that will have no losses, no fear... and no equal!"


99-year-old warmonger, Springfield, MI

General Warthog left his brains in the trenches when he was a 19-year-old WWI private, but military discipline keeps him going. Over the better part of the 20th century, Warthog has awarded himself many field promotions and countless medals. If he can win the Twisted Metal Tournament, he'll realize his dreams of glory. His tank is a marvel of 80-year-old military technology. Though slow, it can take unreal punishment. Its modernized ion blaster can blow holes through any vehicle the enemy forces have.

Info and Ending:

Twisted Metal 4 - General Warthog's Info

Twisted Metal 4 - General Warthog's Info

Twisted Metal 4 - General Warthog's Ending

Twisted Metal 4 - General Warthog's Ending


  • General Warthog is the second oldest known contestant in the Twisted Metal series at age 99, the third oldest being Granny Dread at age 97 and the first being Captain Rogers at age 105 in TM2 and 107 in TMIII.
  • General Warthog states that he hates computers and electronics in modern warfare-- ironically, his Special Weapon is an electronic weapon.
  • General Warthog's Beta name was simply titled Tank.