A Health Semi is an instant-repair vehicle that drives along the roads of a map in Twisted Metal (2012). The vehicle drives with its trailer ramp lowered, allowing a player to drive onto it and be flung over the semi cab with a full health recharge. While very beneficial to a player in need, they can also be a hazard, particularly to lightly-armored vehicles such as Reaper and Crimson Fury. If a player is unaware of the location of a Health Semi and is driving a lightly-armored vehicle, ram damage can be sustained and cause the player to be heavily wounded or even killed. In Diablo Pass, and LA Skyline, the Health Semi may inadvertantly launch you over the edge. If the Health Semi is forced off a cliff, it will respawn like contestant vehicles. In Challenge Mode, the player has the option to enable or disable the appearence of Health Semis.


  • The Health Semi is one of the three semi-trucks featured in Twisted Metal (2012). The other two are Darkside and Juggernaut.
    Health Semi
  • The Health Semi is one of two vehicles that have a trailer attached, the other one being Juggernaut.
  • The Health Semi and Juggernaut are two semis from the same manufacturer in both the game and real life. The game says that they are both manufactured by Calypso Industries, In the game. In real life, they are both manufactured by Peterbilt.
  • The Health Semi can be destroyed.
  • The Health Semi cannot be used in any of the boss levels.

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