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Holiday Havoc Select Battleground screen

Holiday Havoc is a secret battleground in Twisted Metal: Small Brawl. It is unlocked after getting 30 kills in Endurance Mode.
Twisted Metal- Small Brawl OST - Holiday Havoc03:30

Twisted Metal- Small Brawl OST - Holiday Havoc


The battleground is an interior of a house with a Christmas tree with presents under it, a train on a track going around the tree, a sofa, a lamp, present ramps, and Santa Claus stuck in the chimney.

Secret Character

Mime can be unlocked here by selecting this level in either of the modes Challenge or Endurance and destroying all four stockings on the fireplace mantle.


  • You can shoot the train to get Health pickups.
  • Drive behind the sofa for cover if you are low on health.


  • Players can shoot Santa in the chimney. However, players don't get anything.
  • The sofa can be destroyed simply by driving into a part of it, or shooting.
  • The music track to this stage is a remix of the Stalk 'N Roll track from Twisted Metal (1995).

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