TM HomingMissile
Homing Missiles are weapons that have appeared in all of the Twisted Metal games. They are the weakest missile (except in Twisted Metal (1995) and Twisted Metal 2) in the series, but have a superior homing capability.


Homing missiles appear frequently, just like Fire Missiles. They have a distinct, purple-colored shell and a purple streak following the missile when fired. Because of their frequency in levels, strong homing capability, and overall dependability, homing missiles are one of the most frequently used weapons in the Twisted Metal series. Unfortunately, the missile is relatively weak (Except in (1995) & 2) so it takes more than just one to truly dish out a decent amount of damage to any opposition.

Homing missiles are extremely useful against elusive vehicles with low armor and/or high speed/control capabilities, like Mr. Grimm and Spectre. They are also useful against flying vehicles, such as Warhawk and Talon.

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