Hong kong screen

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Krunch is the eighth and final level in Twisted Metal 2.

Twisted Metal 2

Survive the sights of the HONG KONG KRUNCH in Twisted Metal's final battle! Obliterate 8 opponent vehicles in the subways and harbors before taking on the reigning champion. It's a scream! Defeat him and claim your ultimate wish! But be may get what you ask for!

Music tracks:

Twisted Metal 2 Soundtrack - Hong Kong03:06

Twisted Metal 2 Soundtrack - Hong Kong

Twisted Metal 2 soundtrack- Dark Tooth01:18

Twisted Metal 2 soundtrack- Dark Tooth


In tournament mode, after defeating the 8 opponents at this level, the player then faces the final boss Dark Tooth. Prevail against Dark Tooth, and you've won Twisted Metal. Go see Calypso and claim your ultimate prize.

Beta Elements

  • The barriers of the docks could be destroyed, making it easier to fall off into the water and die.
    • Furthermore, there were several boats patrolling back and forth in the water, shooting Napalm projectiles towards the battleground.
  • After you defeated Dark Tooth's truck, his head would almost immediatly start moving; there was no text screen in-between.
  • The subway trains had Machine Guns that were removed from the final version.


  • The Twisted Metal 2 main theme plays when you are fighting Dark Tooth at Hong Kong.


  • Dark Tooth's first form
  • Dark Tooth's 2nd form

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