Captain Jamie Roberts is a police officer for the LAPD and the driver of Outlaw 2, introduced in Twisted Metal 2. She started off as a solo driver, but in all of her other appearances, she is accompanied by her brother, Carl Roberts.

Twisted Metal 2


Capt. Roberts lost her brother to last year's contest. He was a good cop, like her, but Calypso sent him spiraling off into a mysterious location. When she wins, she plans to find her brother and reunite her family.

"Last year, Calypso banished my brother; sent him spiralling off into who knows where. He broke my heart and disgraced my family. This year, me and the rest of the LAPD got a little surprise for the burnt faced freak."

Voice actress: Jamie Bard


Twisted Metal 2 - Outlaw 2's Ending01:06

Twisted Metal 2 - Outlaw 2's Ending

Outlaw 2 Ending (JPN) - Twisted Metal EX01:03

Outlaw 2 Ending (JPN) - Twisted Metal EX

Twisted Metal III



Buzz and Jamie are frustrated Los Angeles police officers who have been trying to stop the Twisted Metal contest for several years. They plan to end the tournament, cuff its drivers and eradicate crime everywhere, right after they pick up three dozen donuts at the local quickie mart. This dynamic duo packs some serious heat.

Jamie: "We're two good cops in a world gone bad. My brother and I'll put a stop to Calypso once and for all!"
Buzz: "Winning the Twisted Metal contest will prove to the world that there is honor behind the badge, and good triumphs over evil!"

Info and Ending:

Twisted Metal III - Outlaw's Info00:21

Twisted Metal III - Outlaw's Info

Twisted Metal III - Outlaw's Ending00:39

Twisted Metal III - Outlaw's Ending

Twisted Metal: Head-On

Jamie and her brother Carl were once decorated and respected police officers. Jamie's brother had competed in and won a previous Twisted Metal. Upon making his wish, Calypso tricked and imprisoned him. Jamie had entered and won a subsequent Twisted Metal and was able to rescue her brother. Now, they're competing together with the goal of bringing down Calypso and Twisted Metal once and for all. Jamie hopes to merely bring the contest to an end. She doesn't know that her brother plans to kill Calypso if he gets the chance.

Voice actress: Nika Futterman


Twisted Metal Head-On - Outlaw's Ending01:53

Twisted Metal Head-On - Outlaw's Ending


  • It is believed that the TMIII tournament was held one year after TM2. However, according to Jamie's age, it is actually five years later. It is unknown if that is simply the next tournament she enters, or if the two tournaments are truly five years apart.
  • She shares her first name with her voice actress in Twisted Metal II.

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