Joanie, Calypso's Wife

Joanie telling Calypso to kill himself.

Joanie Sparks was the wife of Calypso and the mother of Krista. Like Calypso's Sister, she is indirectly the reason the Twisted Metal tournament exists.

Twisted Metal 2: The Comic

Calypso married Joanie in a Drive-Thru Las Vegas wedding chapel. They had a daughter named Krista. However, Calypso often cheated on his wife. However, one day while Calypso was in the Demolition Derby, a stray tire flew and hit his wife, killing her instantly.

Years later, while Calypso and Krista were driving, Calypso decided to stop at a roadhouse while Krista slept in the back. Calypso became drunk and saw his wife's ghost. She told him she was in Hell and he should be too. He agreed, but since he was 14 years old, he has wanted to kill himself but each time failing. She told him all he had to do was close his eyes and drive forward. He then crashed into a brick wall killing himself and Krista, albeit unintentionally for the latter.

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