A junkyard located in Midtown. It is a medium-sized arena featured in Twisted Metal: Black.

Level Junkyard


The Junkyard: Zorko Bros. Scrap & Salvage features two car compactors; one located within a wall which crushes cars horizontally, and one located towards the back of the arena which crushes vertically. The stage also features ramps made from debris. There is also a plane which circles the arena and can be shot down, and another broken plane which fires at the closest driver.

Twisted Metal Black Junkyard Final Enemy Music04:18

Twisted Metal Black Junkyard Final Enemy Music

Twisted Metal Black Junkyard Ambient Music04:55

Twisted Metal Black Junkyard Ambient Music

Twisted Metal Black - Junkyard (Battle) Music Theme04:12

Twisted Metal Black - Junkyard (Battle) Music Theme


  • Unlocking Warhawk's Rooftop: The Warhawk's Roof arena can be unlocked in the Junkyard arena during Story Mode. To unlock it, the player must destroy the pizza man statue located near the vertical car crusher. The debris left behind will create a ramp which the player can then use to jump onto the top of the crusher when it is lowered. When the crusher reaches the top, the player will see an icon floating in the air before the crusher. Drive off of the crusher and hit the icon, and the Warhawk's Roof arena will be unlocked.
  • Unlocking Yellow Jacket: The car Yellow Jacket can also be unlocked in the Junkyard level. To unlock it, the player must destroy a plane circling the arena with missiles. The plane will crash behind one of the buildings, allowing the player to enter a hole caused by the impact. At the end of the tunnel the player enters, there is a control panel; destroy the control panel and Yellow Jacket will be unlocked.
  • Unlocking Prison Ship: Destroy 15 opponents in Endurance mode.


  • When you pick up the cube that unlocks Warhawk's Rooftop, it simply says : "Warhawk unlocked." This is because in multiplayer mode, the Warhawk's Rooftop is simply called "Warhawk." Many people thought it would unlock the vehicle and not the level.
  • If your timing is right, you can make the circling plane crash onto one or several opponents, instantly killing them and earning the "Jet Fatality' bonus.
  • In the PAL version, the plane used to unlock Yellow Jacket is already crashed because of the censorship the European version of the game has gone through (thus making the 'Jet Fatality' bonus impossible to get).
  • The name of the level is a reference to Randy Zorko, a designer who worked for Incog. Inc.
  • There is a miniature version of this battleground which was removed in the final debut of the game. There were hardly any differences, except that the airplane no longer flew above, and the statue sporting green-and-white checker style, along with the ground, is slightly shrunken. However, there is a code that will enable the player to obtain the Mini Junkyard, as well as Warhawk's Rooftop in singleplayer mode.

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