"There is plenty of me to go around!"
—Lance Wilder, Twisted Metal III

Lance Wilder is the driver of Spectre in Twisted Metal III. He is the third driver of Spectre, and appears only in Twisted Metal III. Lance is very similar to Ken Masters, the driver of Spectre in Twisted Metal 2, as they are both aspiring actors, and are very full of themselves.

Twisted Metal III

Lance Wilder

Lance is God's gift to women (or at least he thinks so). He cruises in the hottest car, wears the coolest clothes and sports the slickest shades. Lance is so obsessed with being famous that he's entered the Twisted Metal tournament to make a name for himself. He may, however, be making a cameo on the obituary page if he can't stop admiring his reflection in the rear-view mirror.

"Attention, ladies! Please, don't push. There is plenty of me to go around! And of course, I will be signing autographs after I win the Twisted Metal tournament. Line for a ride in my bitchin' hot rod! Leggy blondes in front of brunettes, please!"

Info and Ending:

Twisted Metal III - Spectre's Info00:20

Twisted Metal III - Spectre's Info

Twisted Metal III - Spectre's Ending00:40

Twisted Metal III - Spectre's Ending

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