Los Angeles Skyline, also known as L.A. Skyline, is a level featured in Twisted Metal (2012). It consists of a combination of the designs of several rooftop levels in previous Twisted Metal Games. The map contains 4 main buildings - the KU7X news corporation building, the Double Life Insurance building, Calypso's own Calypso Industries headquaters, and Powercon office/condominium building. The buildings are organized around a giant, spinning, central statelite dish platform that features ramps that need to be lined up to collect weapons and health pickups.

Map Variations

  • Vertigo- The only map variation. Medium sized. Contains the central platform, the KU7X and Double Life Insurance buildings.


  • According to polls featured all over the website, this level is the least favorite to many due to it's difficulty in both Story Mode and Multiplayer and the unfair advantage that Talon & Sweet Tooth have over others.
  • If the crane and zepplin are destroyed, they will crash into a skyscraper respectively and send it tumbling down. The debris can be entered and houses an assortment of useful weapon pickups.
  • In Story Mode, the central platform is not rotating, hence making it easier to access some areas.
  • If the Double Life Insurance sign is hit, some letters with fall off of the framework. The letters that are left read "Be Insane," which is quite fitting for Twisted Metal.