Manslaughter is a large dump truck driven by the mysterious character Black. Manslaughter only appeared in Twisted Metal: Black and Twisted Metal: Lost. It has low control and speed ratings, but high armor and special ratings.

Twisted Metal: Black


Manslaughter is a dump truck, large and slow with great power.

Vehicle: Bell B40D 'Manslaughter'

Driver: Black

Vehicle Type: Dump Truck

Control: 3/10

Speed: 3/10

Armor: 9/10

Special Weapon: 7/10

  • Rolling Crush

Boulder Throw: The boulders in the bucket of his dump truck are heated up and launched straight forward to create a devastating wall of destruction. The boulders evenly spread out, making this Special Weapon ideal for striking multiple enemies, even at long distances. When rear-fired, Manslaughter simply lifts up the bucket and dumps the molten rocks as a normal dump truck would. This, much like a gas can, is a very powerful attack that is hard to hit with. Actually, one of the tossed boulders is much bigger than the others. It is located on the left side of the bucket of the truck. So, from a distance, it is best to try and hit opponents with that one rock.

-Radar Elements-

Name on Radar: "M-Slaught"

Vehicle Blip Color: Light Orange

Twisted Metal: Lost

TM Lost Manslaughter

Car: Manslaughter

Driver: Black

No one knows where Black comes from, but he seems incapable of dying, and he has only one goal: to kill Calypso. The latest rumor is that Black actually comes from a parallel universe where a different, more colorful Calypso wants to use Black to murder his darker twin.