Iron Maiden MegaGuns

Mr. Grimm, driving Vermin, uses Mega Guns during the battle with Iron Maiden in Twisted Metal (2012). Notice the ammo counter on the bottom-left of the screen.

Mega Gun is a weapon pick-up which was introduced in Twisted Metal: Black. The item gives the player's machine guns a limited amount of bullets that have an increased rate of fire and power.


Mega Guns, in context, increase the effectiveness of the standard machine guns. In Twisted Metal: Black, running over the powerup (a bullet casing with a silver aura), 30 mega gun bullets are given to the player. The actual power of the guns is devastating, and an entire clip of 30 bullets could take out averagely-armored vehicles with full health. When the amount of ammo runs out, the player must use the standard machine gun bullets. Unlike the machine gun, Mega Guns do not overheat.

The mega gun pick-up also appears in Twisted Metal (2012) as a bullet casing with a green aura. When picked up, the player is given 150 mega gun bullets, which perform similarly to the mega gun bullets in Black, although they cause a bit less damage because of the amount of bullets in the pick-up.

In both games, it is possible to increase the amount of mega gun bullets in the player's inventory by picking up another mega gun pick-up. In Twisted Metal: Black, the pick-up adds 30 bullets, with a maximum of 60 mega gun bullets; in 2012, it adds 150, with a maximum of 300 mega gun bullets.

Twisted Metal (2012) Multiplayer

In Twisted Metal (2012)'s multiplayer mode, Mega Guns are awarded to players who have the Killstreak +3 upgrade unlocked, which gives the player 150 mega gun bullets when the player kills 3 enemies without dying. Each respective Killstreak after this will award the player with 150 more mega gun bullets.

Killstreak +5 will award the player with Red Mega Gun Bullets, which deal the same amount of damage but fire much faster, hence leading to more damage per second.


  • Minion, in Twisted Metal 2, fires Mega Guns without the use of a cheat code.
  • The bullets that are fired from Talon's primary Special resemble mega gun bullets.
  • Before it was a weapon pick-up, mega guns were available in Twisted Metal 1, and 2 as a cheat code that enhanced the power of the machine guns, making them fire white bullets instead of yellow.
  • Twisted Metal: Black features a cheat code that turns mega guns into homing bullets that explode upon impact. These bullets are twice as powerful as standard mega gun bullets.

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