"My master was ready to take his rightful place, seated at the throne of the Twisted Metal empire! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
—Melvin, Twisted Metal 4

Melvin is Sweet Tooth's assistant in Twisted Metal 4, speaking for him while he silently stands juggling in the background.

Voice actor: Jon St. John


Twisted Metal 4

  • "You've effortlessly defeated your rivals in our Twisted Metal tournament. With Sweet Tooth's good graces and permission, we offer you one wish for your heroic and triumphant deeds!" (Boss/Custom car ending)
  • "Your wish has been granted, driver!" (Most endings)
  • "Someone will see you out. GoodBYE!" (Boss/Custom car ending, some endings)
  • "An outcast?!" (Orbital's ending)
  • "I think something can be arranged... *Chuckle*" (Pizza Boy's ending)
  • "Instead of looking out for potholes, he should have been looking out for BLACK holes! *Evil laughter*" (Pizza Boy's ending)
  • "Quatro! What earthly wish could you possibly desire?" (Quatro's ending)
  • "A bounty hunter?! Tacky, Quatro. Really tacky!" (Quatro's ending)
  • "Not this time, Quatro! *Cackles* But thanks for playing! *Cackles again*" (Quatro's ending)
  • "Troll?! I am a clown!" (The Joneses' ending)
  • "Granted for the sake of all that is sane! That's it! It's parked outside!" (The Joneses' ending)
  • "...Calypso! Congratulations on winning the competition! What wish--?" (Calypso's ending)
  • "Out of the question! The competition and the ring stay with Sweet Tooth! Wish for something else!" (Calypso's ending)
  • "Stop! STOP!! You'll destroy us all! The souls are escaping...!" (Calypso's ending)
  • "This fine is in the MILLIONS! This can't--!" (Meter Maid's ending)
  • "*Clears throat* We are sorry to inform you that we, here at the Twisted Metal Tournament, do not accept, condone, or tolerate any li-" (Meter Maid's ending)
  • "...couple of minutes of community service is indeed fair conduct... and the option will be exercised thoroughly. *Evil laughter*" (Meter Maid's ending)
  • "Granted! HAH!" (General Warthog's ending)
  • "So be it." (Rob Zombie's ending)


  • There's a recurring error with Melvin holding the fine that Zanita Corbett hands to him in her ending cutscene. He is seen holding it during the first view of him after it was handed to him. But when the camera is directed back to him after Zanita speaks, the fine is absent. When the camera views Needles before viewing Melvin again, the fine is shown in his hand once more, yet it disappears again when the camera changes while he is talking.
  • It has been confirmed that his name is Melvin. However, it is unknown how as his name was never mentioned in-game.

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