Metro Square is a level in Twisted Metal (2012) It is closely modeled after the Times Square district in New York City, NY and is set during the holiday season.

Metro Square is a very large map with many key locations including: a toy store, book store, stock exchange, two ice rinks, an intricate, fully functional subway system, and the Museum of Nature and Science. One major fact about the Museum is if you shoot down the whale display hanging from the ceiling, it will crash through the floor, creating a shortcut to the subway system below. The whale will also serve as a ramp up to the roof where many weapon pickups are available.

Map Variations

  • Suislide- This medium size map variation contains the Museum of Nature and Science along with the western ice rink, connected by the large western stepwell.
  • Downtown Doom- A medium sized variation containing the western ice rink, Museum of Natrue and Science, toy store, public library, stock exchange and a significant portion of the subway.
  • Subway Survival- A large sized variation containing the toy store, public library, stock exchange, central subway station, and a circular subway track.
  • Museum Massacre- The smallest map variation, containing the Museum of Nature and Science and a small length of El-Train


  • The city itself is called New New New York.
  • You can destroy the Statue of Liberty. The easiest way to do this is to use the Talon and barrage it with fire missiles. Destroying it causes the head of the statue to appear in the middle of the map.

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