"If you get lost, please do not panic. Get to the top, or call a mechanic!"

Minion's Maze, or simply The Maze, is the seventh level in Twisted Metal 4, and is the personal battleground of Minion. In context, The Maze is a large maze which includes sludge pits and several teleporters as well as a secret underground area with weapons. There are 6 opponents and fittingly, Minion is the boss opponent.

Music track:

Rob Zombie - Superbeast (Minion's Maze Remix)04:34

Rob Zombie - Superbeast (Minion's Maze Remix)

Tactics & strategies

  • There is a portal in all four corners of the Maze. Use this as an advantage to escape in crucial situations.
  • At the center of the Maze, there is a bounce pad with a Lightning pickup floating above it. Collect two of them and save them for Minion. When it appears, lure it to the center of the level and unleash your Lightnings! This will drain more than half of Minion's health because the Lightning in this level is stronger than usual.
  • Minion's special cannot strike small vehicles at close range. If you are playing as a small car, take advantage of this and stay close to Minion, unloading all your weapons on it. It might be scary actually trying to stay close to Minion, but it mainly spams only its Special Weapon, so you are okay. 


  • In the underground section of Minion's maze, there are what could be paintings or mosaic windows of four popular characters of Twisted Metal: Calypso, Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm, and a demon, who is presumably Minion. If that's true, it means that Minion is one of the two bosses in the game whose face is shown (the other being Sweet Tooth).
  • Minion's Maze is one of the two levels in the game that has no Full Health pickups (The other being The Oil Rig).

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