Mr. Creole from Twisted Metal: Black

Mr. Kreel is a minor character in Twisted Metal: Black. He appears as an old man with a bald head who is shown wearing a white shirt with brown pants and suspenders. He appears to work as a craftsman, creating masks and puppets for various clients.

After graduating from college, Dollface worked for him as a secretary. One day, she accidentally spilled coffee on some of Mr. Kreel's papers (presumably important documents), greatly angering him. As punishment, he nailed a doll-like mask onto her face with a hammer, locking it in place with a special key to ensure it would never come off. This motivated Dollface to enter the Twisted Metal tournament, in hopes of retrieving the key she needs to remove the mask.

In Dollface's ending, Mr. Kreel was bound and gagged with duct tape and placed inside an iron maiden. The device was connected to a trigger, weighed down by the key he used to lock Dollface's mask; if she took the key, he would die. After some thought, Dollface takes the key, killing Mr. Kreel when the iron maiden slammed shut.

Ironically, Dollface would immediately decide against using the key after all, instead dedicating herself to killing other "bad men" like Mr. Kreel.


  • He seems to be the one who created Needles Kane's mask, as Dollface's mid-game movie briefly shows him working on it.
  • Mr. Kreel was named after Kreel, the main antagonist in 1995's PS1 game, Warhawk (also developed by SingleTrac).
  • Mr. Kreel was originally Dollface's father and actually put her in the mask much earlier than the final version.

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