Napalm (Gas Can in Twisted Metal: Black) is a common weapon in the Twisted Metal series, first introduced in Twisted Metal 2. Napalm is a difficult weapon to utilize at its peak effectiveness, but causes a heavy damage.


In Twisted Metal 2, III, 4, and Small Brawl, napalm used the mechanics of being lobbed into the air and then coming down automatically on opponents while tracking them. If the napalm lands onto the ground, it will create a small fire that will burn anyone who drives through it. In Twisted Metal 2, Napalm was one of the Energy Attacks.

However, in Twisted Metal: Black and Twisted Metal: Head-On, it can be forced to land earlier by pressing the fire button after it is launched. It will land onto the ground with full force and explode upon the impact with the ground or an enemy. If the napalm hits directly onto an enemy, it will cause more damage and ignite the enemy on fire.

In addition, when the napalm is fired backwards, it will at first act as a mine, however if left for long enough, it can be detonated manually.

In Twisted Metal (2012), it acts similar to Black, but can't be left as a mine.

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