"Catch a ride from a secret balcony and enjoy a healthy triumph!"

Neon City is the second level in Twisted Metal 4. It is a futuristic city-themed level, with a highly accelerated tram running along a track that goes through most of the environment and a hovercraft which can take players to a building that yields many weapons (including a Full Health and a Lightning pickup). The boss for this level is Moon Buggy. You take on 4 regular foes.

Music track:

Cirrus - Time's Running Out04:29

Cirrus - Time's Running Out

Tactics & strategies

  • Try to trap your opponents on the track. When you do, the tram will ram them and cause an enormous amount of damage. However, the tram self-destructs when Moon Buggy arrives on the level. Destroying the tram yourself is optional.
  • As soon as you spot Moon Buggy, freeze (← → ↑ ↑) it and unload everything you have on it. Its Quasars Special Weapon can be a pain to try to escape from once you're caught in them. If they do catch you, use your Turbo or HyperSpace (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓) to teleport away.
  • Moon Buggy most often fires its special weapon from the rear; avoid tailing it.
  • The Quasars can pass through walls! Do not be surprised if you see them popping out of the walls, even if you managed to lose them.
  • Take 6 Proximity Mines and 2 Lightnings. When Moon Buggy appears, wait for it at one of the bottom  entrances of the tram's tunnel. When Moon Buggy starts to approach you, plant 6 mines while driving through the tunnel and make your way to the rooftops (It will start to give chase and you will see its HP decrease). Once there, wait for Moon Buggy to go to the center and activate the Lightnings you picked up earlier. It will die without seeing or shooting you even once.


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