Now Slaying is the final level in Twisted Metal: Small Brawl.

Twisted Metal - Small Brawl - Now Slaying lvlsel

Your favorite movie house has decided to show a boring love story and it's got you sick to your stomach! What happened to all the great horror and action flicks from last summer? Well it's intermission time, so it's the perfect time to clean up this theater before it shows any more mushy movies!

You must face 4 regular opponents and the final boss of this game.

Twisted Metal- Small Brawl OST - Now Slaying03:30

Twisted Metal- Small Brawl OST - Now Slaying


Players can shoot or drive into the popcorn machine to reveal a place of the stage, which has Power Missile, Health, & Turbo pickups.

Players can shoot the chairs for an escape route, but it takes some time to destroy them. Piecemeal can destroy the chairs just by driving through them, but it requires the "Boss Piecemeal" Gameshark code.


Piecemeal appears at the front of the stage every time the player kills an enemy, and disappears back to the stage every time he has taken 25% damage. (With the exception of the fourth time)

The pickups take awhile to reappear, making it difficult to load up on Fire Missiles, Remote Bombs, etc. Make sure you save strong weapons for the boss.


  • Take the Health pickups where Piecemeal appears at the front of the stage. Sometimes he may pick it up when spawning on the level. You do not want this to happen!
  • Power missiles, roman candles, napalms and remote bombs are useful against Piecemeal due to his huge size. Be careful because sometimes, weapons will fly below his wheels and miss him.
  • Piecemeal ALWAYS reappears with a shield. So when he's approaching, stay away from the screen and from Piecemeal himself. When his shield disappears, it's time to attack!


  • When looking at the stage picture at the "Select Battleground" screen, the movie screen shows a guy. (Possibly a boat captain).
  • When playing on the Hard difficulty, there is a glitch when Piecemeal's health depletes by 23% ONLY the first time he appears. This trick is good for beating the game with Trapper on Hard and unlocking Piecemeal.

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