Paris screen

Paris is a recurring level in the Twisted Metal series, first appearing as the third level in Twisted Metal 2, Paris: Monumental Disaster, and again in Twisted Metal: Head-On.

Twisted Metal 2

Ah, Paris in the spring. Untouched by the ravages of previous Twisted Metal tournaments, the city is waiting for a MONUMENTAL DISASTER. Enjoy the artists, museums, and landmarks as you eradicate the streets of 6 enemy vehicles.

Music track:

Twisted Metal 2-Paris: Monumental Disaster Music

Twisted Metal: Head-On

Paris TMHO

Another playable map in this game, taken from the second game.

Music track:

Twisted Metal: Head-On-Paris Music


  • The Eiffel Tower can be destroyed by placing and detonating a remote bomb inside it. To enter, use the teleporter pad directly beneath it. This reveals bridges connecting various rooftops.
  • The Mona Lisa can be seen inside the Louvre. If you use napalm on the painting, a special cheat code will show up.

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