TM PowerMissile
Power Missiles are rare weapons that appear in the Twisted Metal series. As the name of the weapon suggests, the power missile, when fired, deals a heavy amount of damage to opponents. Of the three basic Missile types, Power Missiles are the only ones with no homing capabilities, thus traveling in a straight line.


Power missiles are the rarest of the three main missiles in the Twisted Metal series. When found, however, they are a dangerous weapon indeed. Power missiles deal significantly more damage compared to Fire Missiles and Homing Missiles. Along with a great amount of power, power missiles also cause a great amount of force, so they can also be used to push opponents off of ledges in some cases. However, power missiles do not have any homing ability, making them very difficult to aim.


The power missile has different depictions in the series. In Twisted Metal (1995), the power missle is dark grey with 2 black lines and leaves a crimson red streak when fired. In Twisted Metal 2, the power missile was a dark-blue colored missile with a dark-blue streak when fired. In Twisted Metal III and 4, the power missile was colored silver and had a dark-blue streak. In the more recent games, however, the power missile is shown as a massive missile that erupts in a trail of red sparks when fired.

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