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"I'd like you to meet an acquaintance of mine. He goes by the name, Primeval. Be careful, he's not as friendly as the other contestants have been!"

-Calypso introducing Primeval, Twisted Metal 3

Primeval is the last boss of Twisted Metal 3. The vehicle is a roll cage and serves as the boss of Calypso's Blimp.

Twisted Metal 3Edit

After you take down all the vehicles in the blimp, a message will appear, "Prepare to battle Primeval." Beware, he is tough. Primeval's special is a combination of Roadkill's and Mr. Grimm's special, moving in a zag-zag nature and homing in on his victims. Primeval is the most armored enemy in the game and is extremely durable and fast. After you destroy the vehicle, another message will appear saying, "You've won the Twisted Metal Contest!" and you view your ending. Primeval is an unplayable character without means of a cheating device such as a GameShark. The GameShark Code to select Primeval is: 800D2D0 000F

Vehicle: Primeval

Driver: Primeval

Info: ?

Age: ?

Born: ?

Vehicle Type: ?

Handling: Good

Armor: 5/5

Special Weapon: 5/5

Primeval unleashes a devastating weapon called the Head Hunter, a combination of a skull missile & 2 spike ball missiles that homes in on the target with uncanny accuracy.

Speed: 5/5


  • Second vehicle to have access to all special powers. The first was Minion, and the third was Piecemeal.

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