Prison Passage: Prison Passage to Blackfield Asylum is a level featured in Twisted Metal: Black. It is one of the more massive levels in the game, and one of the most unique. It is a mandatory level that must be played in story mode.


The level starts off within a small warehouse/cargo holding area, where you must battle 2 other opponents. When enough time has passed or when you have destroyed both opponents, the walls open, allowing the player to travel outside, where it is revealed that you are actually on a prison ship at sea. You must battle 4 opponents now, unless you have killed any of the previously mentioned two.

Eventually, the ship reaches the mainland. Once the ship docks, a gate at the front of the ship opens up, providing access to Blackfield Asylum. 4 more opponents are introduced, making the entire level a battle with 8 opponents. The player can battle on the prison ship, inside the asylum, and the surrounding land area. A road encircles the entire map.

Twisted Metal Black Prison Passage Ambient Music06:18

Twisted Metal Black Prison Passage Ambient Music

Twisted Metal Black Prison Passage02:45

Twisted Metal Black Prison Passage

Twisted Metal Black - Prison Passage (Final Battle) Music Theme02:04

Twisted Metal Black - Prison Passage (Final Battle) Music Theme


  • Unlocking Manslaughter: When the ship has docked, go through the front gate and go to the right side of the ship. You will come across red and blue crates. Shoot them with your machine guns (NOTE: if you shoot them with the Mega Guns cheat code, they will simply blow up, and you will not be able to drive on them) so that they form a ramp. Drive on the crates and shoot the ship repeatedly. A large, empty room will open. Destroy the console in there, and Manslaughter is yours.


  • In the front of the ship, there is a raised platform with 3 prisoners under electric chairs. If the player shoots the platform, it will ignite the chairs, electrocuting the prisoners.
  • There is a blimp that circles around the mainland that can be shot down. It is unknown if this is Calypso's Blimp or not.
  • The Blackfield Asylum depicted in this level is much more grand and intricate than the Blackfield Asylum featured in the cutscenes.
  • In the background music one can hear an eerie, ghostly verse from the song "Paint It Black" by Rolling Stones. This is the song that plays during the credits and main menu.
  • There are alternate versions of this level exclusive in Mulit-Player battles. One that only takes place via the prison ship with no place to dock, and the other already set post-arrival at Blackfield Asylum, and blocking all access to the ship.

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