"Just drop this one and the next poor sucker who drives by is getting destroyed. When the light starts blinking, it's armed. Chain Proximity mines to increase the kill radius."
—The Twisted Metal 4 instruction manual

The Proximity Mine is a weapon appearing only in Twisted Metal 4.


The Proximity Mine functions much like the Remote Bomb, except it does not require manual detonation. Unlike the Drop Mine, it lasts for an infinite amount of time, detonating only when any vehicle drives too close to it (Including the same vehicle that planted it), or being stricken by a machine gun bullet or any type of missle (excluding Freeze Missiles) or explosive weapon. When planted, it is not ready to detonate until four seconds later (Unless, as mentioned above, it is stricken by a weapon).


  • Three Proximity Mines planted in one spot will create an explosion powerful enough to send almost any vehicle flying off of the level map and kill them instantly if the vehicle were to land directly on top of them(The main way to pull off this strategy is to plant them right after entering a portal and luring the enemy into it).
    • It is very tricky, but possible, to plant four Proximity Mines in one spot. The greater the number of Mines, the greater the chances of vehicles dying. What makes the four-Mine strategy tricky is that after planting one Mine, the player is not allowed to plant another one after almost one full second, and the Mine will not be ready to detonate until after four seconds. Therefore, planting four Mines takes almost four seconds, and if the timing is messed up, the explosion of the first Mine will cause all other Mines to go off, inflicting heavy damage on your vehicle and possibly destroying it. One way to pull off the four-Mine strategy is to activate Turbo while planting the fourth mine.
      • It is not possible to plant any more than four Proximity Mines in one spot without them going off unless the Rapid Fire cheat is activated through means of a GameShark device. With this cheat, it is possible to plant about 10+ mines in one spot.
  • As seen above, the instruction manual states that the Proximity Mine will be armed "when its light starts blinking." This is an error, as the Proximity Mines do not have blinking lights on them in-game (Though the Proximity Mine pickup item appears to have one in its center). The Remote Bombs do, however, so perhaps this was a mix-up.

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